How to buy a diamond

We at LJ understand that purchasing a diamond engagement ring is one the most expensive, yet confusing purchases of your life. One mistake often made by many is that they focus solely on the price of the diamond, without really taking the time to fully understand the other criteria necessary to help the customer choose the perfect diamond for them. This can be critical mistake. Trying to purchase the cheapest diamond does not necessarily mean that you actually got the best value. Our approach is not to try and sell you diamond, rather, to try and educate you on how to purchase one.


Understanding the 4C’s, Carat-Clarity-Colour-Cut is critical to your purchase, but that is not enough. There is so much more to know and understand. Using the internet to begin your research is a good idea, however, we highly recommend coming into the showroom so we can provide you with the education that we feel you need. With a certified GIA gemologist on staff we will guide you through your purchase. As we import diamonds directly from the source, you are always assured to get the optimum diamond for you and always at the best price.